What We Believe

If food is meant to be enjoyed, why is it so hard to get trustworthy and clearcut information about what we eat? This should be easier.

For those living with dietary restrictions and food allergies, the rigorous process of researching what’s safe to eat, how it’s manufactured, where ingredients are sourced, and what’s inside is exhausting. 

It can quickly take the joy out of eating, and that’s no fun. 

We were born out of this reality. Serving as an advocate to people who care about the food they eat, be it by choice or necessity, we are committed to pulling back the curtain on the food industry to provide clear and simple facts about the food we buy.

Quality food and nutrition are the building blocks of optimal health — and health is our most valuable asset. It should be our greatest investment.

Ingredients in our food should be of the highest quality and sourced with integrity. Brands should be fully transparent about their manufacturing and processing.

We curate each product in our collection with critical attention to these principles. Our mission is to change the conversation around food selection and empower you to easily make thoughtful choices. The experience today is fraught with stress and worry for too many of us. We want to make this easier. Join us.