Discovery Boxes Made for Taste Testing
When your family suffers from food allergies, it can be stressful and time-consuming to find an easy snack, breakfast, or meal. That’s why we created Discovery Boxes. These variety packs highlight innovative, allergy safe products and make taste-testing fun. Search for what meets your family’s dietary needs and try out new, delicious foods. Once you find the perfect school snack, granola bar, or breakfast solution, you can fill your cart with your favorites on your next visit. If your tastes change, come back for a brand-new Discovery Box and start the fun all over again! Click Here
Discover allergy safe foods and make mealtime (and snacktime) simple with us.
If you or your family member have a single food allergy, grocery shopping can feel like a scavenger hunt. If you’re juggling multiple allergies and restrictions, it’s more akin to an obstacle course. Let’s change that narrative, together.

We are on a mission to support food allergy sufferers and make mealtime simply enjoyable.
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Our curated marketplace provides details about the ingredients inside each product, as well as the practices and methodologies of the brands behind them.

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Explore what makes up your family’s meal:

  • Search for healthy, safe foods and snacks by allergen (select tree nut free, dairy free, kosher, and more). Find dozens of products made with real, wholesome ingredients.
  • View in-depth information for each item: ingredients lists, ingredient explanations, and allergy facts. Never wonder about an ingredient with a complex scientific name again.
  • Learn more about the food you eat, and discover brands whose goals and values align with your own.

Living with food allergies shouldn’t be so hard. We are dedicated to ensuring just that.
Best Sellers for Guaranteed Goodness
Is there a picky eater in your household? Benefit from our community’s knowledge and browse our Best Sellers for tasty, wholesome foods that delight even the most selective palate. With allergy-safe cake and baking mixes, involve the whole family at mealtime and help your kids find joy in their food.

Discover the best in snacks, bars, and staples to stock up your pantry, all in one place.

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We were founded by families living with dietary restrictions. We understand your struggle, and we designed this site as a home base for families like yours.

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