From mac and cheese to pasta, noodles create the ultimate comfort food. But when you have food allergies, saying goodbye to all-things-pasta is anything but comforting. When you can’t eat gluten or eggs, you can’t have pasta salad, or dumplings, or cacio e pepe. The list goes on and on… Right? Not anymore. Thanks to new food innovations, there are more gluten free noodles on the market than ever before (and many eliminate eggs, dairy, and soy, too).

New pasta products that align with your lifestyle: Brown rice pasta has long been a popular alternative to wheat pasta. As a whole grain, it boasts health benefits that regular pasta does not, all with a similar taste and texture. Whether you’re craving pasta marinara or cooking up pho, brown rice could be the perfect substitute. Lentil and chickpea pasta. More and more brands are using vivid red lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes to make high-protein pasta with a texture close to traditional noodles. These pastas are suitable for paleo die