Bars are a must-have for any modern family. They’re the perfect solution for a quick breakfast if you’ve missed your alarm. Likewise, they’re easy to grab for when you’re on a hike or looking for some midday fuel. Yet if you’re living with food allergies, you know how difficult it is to find the right protein bar. At DirectEats, we’ve researched and taste-tested the best allergy-friendly power bars on the market.

Delicious bars that align with your lifestyle: Gluten free protein bars – Stock up on your favorite Larabar, and discover your new favorite protein bar. Ingredients such as oats and rice flour give these bars body, while innovations like pea protein ensure they’re filling enough to stand in as a meal replacement. Dairy free protein bars – Whether you’re kosher, vegan, or allergic to dairy, we make it simple to find bars that meet your needs. From filling protein bars to simple fruit bars to animal-based proteins, select the snack that keeps y